About The Proietti's

Whitey Proietti started his food business in the heart of Rochester working in a pizzeria. In 1965, just graduated from high school, Whitey and his father bought the pizzeria. Business grew and in 1969, when his brother, Pat, joined the business, Whitey had plans to open a second place. Construction of the Webster Plaza caught Whitey's attention one day. He choose the plaza for his second location, which opened as one of the plaza's first tenants. Back then it was a pizzeria and bar. Ten years later, Whitey planned a change. He closed the pizzeria for three months and reopened as an Italian restaurant in 1980.

Whitey's one mission is to serve beautifully cooked and tempting food for his restaurant and full-service catering business. And besides this mission in life, this food business is truly a family affair. Whitey owns the restaurant with his wife, Sandra. Whitey arrives at the restaurant each day about 7am to start the sauces, make bread dough and prepare for catered events. Each night, Sandra manages the dining experience, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Whitey's son, Tony is a chef at the restaurant. Tony is in charge of the kitchen. Even with his son, Whitey still cooks a lot. "I never remember teaching Tony how to cook," says Whitey. "He was just here from the time he was born." In keeping with family tradition, the Proietti grandchildren can be seen in the restaurant kitchen or dining area pretty regularly. One wouldn't be surprised if they took on the heritage of running this fine restaurant one day.

About Our Food

The food is both tempting and beautiful. Proietti's cuisine is based upon the simple but artful use of the freshest, highest quality ingredients to prepare and cook delicious foods daily. The dishes range from classic to sophisticated Italian, which provides one of the finest Italian dining in the state. The menu, which the courteous and knowledgeable staff can modify for diners who want a specialty sauce or pasta, offers numerous appetizers, generous salads, homemade soups and breads, robust pastas, pizzas, chicken, fish and veal dishes. For dessert, there's homemade cannolis and specialty sherbets, just to name a few. And, coffee is so rich and smooth-bodied, you suddenly know what it means to have a good cup of coffee at the end of a meal.

About Our Restaurant

Proietti's is both a pleasure and a surprise. It's a restaurant for every food-loving Rochesterian, local families and friends, suited and fashionable types, the casual young and old. But Proietti's always feels serene no matter how crowded it gets. The restaurant's design is eclectic and comfortable, with an air of elegance. The tables are dressed with white linen, lit candles and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil for pouring onto your bread plate and dipping your homemade bread (of course butter is available, too). Partitioned into a few small rooms, the place provides a homey atmosphere no matter where you sit. Its interior' natural barn wood, stain glass windows, portraits, tropical paintings and posters, elegant mirrors and soft lighting' is an appropriate one for a Italian restaurant whose food is wonderfully delicious.

For dining reservations, Italian catering services or additional information on why we're among the area's most popular choice for authentic Italian food, call Proiettis at 585-872-2330.

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